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So you want a flock of chickens?

Raising chickens can be an amazing experience for your whole family! The eggs are delicious, but the decision to raise chickens is not without work–but you know this already! 

Before choosing to get chickens you will want to consider some of the following questions: 

  • Why are you raising them? Are you interested in eggs, meat or pleasure?
  • Where are you going to put them? You will certainly need a coop of some sort. There are many different varieties and costs involved with having the right home for your chickens. 
  • Do you have time to spend with them? They need time and attention. When the snow is deep are you prepared to make sure they have fresh water, food and are warm enough?
  • Who will care for them when you are not around? Who will take care of them if you go on vacation? 
  • Will you eat all the eggs they produce? If you are raising your chickens for eggs if you have more than you need will you give them away? Sell them? How will you do this? 
  • Are you allowed to have chickens? In Boulder County you are allowed to raise chickens, but there are limits on the number. 

These questions might seem frivolous, but there have been many folks who didn’t realize how much work and time was involved in taking care of chickens and so you want to go into this endeavor with your eyes wide open!

Once you have asked yourself these questions and have decided that yes, you can and want to do this, your next move is to do your research. I think the folks at The Happy Chicken Coop are an excellent resource! 

Happy chicken raising!