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City of Boulder Issues Emergency Order for Rental License Exemptions

As a result of the extremely high demand for immediate housing for the families who lost their homes or sustained significant damage due to the recent fires, the City of Boulder has issued an emergency order to make it easier for more homes to become available as rental properties to affected families.

According to Tonia Pringle from the city of Boulder, “The emergency order allows for properties that are not currently licensed or [within a 90 day renewal period], to apply for a temporary long term rental license to offer housing to victims of the fires.”

The exemption/temporary license is valid to 3/15/2025 (3 years) and requires a regular rental inspection for safety, however, is exempt from SmartRegs and Outdoor Lighting requirements.”

This does not apply to existing rentals, or those coming up for renewal. It also does not apply to “professional landlords,” nor does it apply to affordable housing units, according to the city.

Here is the link to the city’s website to fill out the Emergency Order Rental License Exemption Affidavit. A rental inspection to check for safety issues must be included prior to anyone moving into the home.

This exemption is time-sensitive. Your application to the city must be received by February 28, 2022, and an inspection must be done prior to occupancy!

Thank you to Scott Home Inspection for bringing this to my attention!

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Rental Resources for Those Impacted by the Boulder Fires

The fires in Boulder County impacted so many in our community and many of you are looking short-term or long-term rentals. The Boulder Area Rental Housing Association has compiled a list of available rental properties for those impacted by the fires. They are an excellent resource for those looking for temporary or longer term housing.

Rental Property Resources

If I can support you in any way in finding a rental, please let me know!